Interview David Hewson


The past week, David Hewson, author of the ‘Pieter Vos’ series, was in Holland to promote his fourth book in the series, ‘Sleep baby sleep’. I couldn’t make it to interview him live, but I got to ask him a couple of questions through emails. Today I’m sharing those questions and answers. Read more

Interview with Sarah Jio

Sarah Jio

I had the pleasure to interview author Sarah Jio last Saturday, in Amsterdam. It was a gorgeous spring day and even though we sat inside for the interview, it was still so nice.

Sarah was in Amsterdam to promote her book ‘The last camellia’, which was just released in Holland. This is a bit weird, because it’s the third book she’s written and she’s currently writing her tenth (!) novel. But her books are translated in about 31 countries, she’s a bestselling author on the New York Times bestseller list and she’s very popular in Turkey. Read more