Christmas at the second chance chocolate shop – Kellie Hailes


Serena Hunter loves her new life in the sleepy Devonshire countryside! It’s a world away from her crazy past as the wife of American bad boy rock star, Ritchie Dangerfield.

Now she spends her days making delicious chocolate using milk from the local dairy and she finally feels that everything is back on track. That is, until her handsome ex-husband arrives in the village to win her back…

Away from the limelight, Serena gets to know Ritchie all over again and realises that maybe a second chance at love is the Christmas miracle she’d been dreaming of all along?

My opinion

I love books like ‘Christmas at the second chance chocolate shop’. They are perfect for a weekend in December, cozying up by the fire (or like me: cuddling with my cat near the central heating!) and just dream away into another world.

This book is somewhat more different than your standard ‘single girl finds herself alone before Christmas and thinks she needs to spend the holidays with her family, again, but then meets someone and falls head over heels’. Kellie Hailes has done that different: Serena is married, but left her rockstar husband to spend her days in the countryside. That makes the story more special and the fact that Serena is following her dreams and doing what she loves instead of pleasing her husband (though Serena does have her flaws!), makes the story interesting.

What I really liked about ‘Christmas at the second chance chocolate shop’ is that it isn’t your typical love story and there’s more than people tell you. The characters are well written out and you form a bond with each and everyone of them. At the end of the story you’ll definitely shed a tear, although the ending was a bit abrupt for my liking. I felt like there could’ve been added a couple more chapters. I did fall in love with the countryside and the whole small village code and the celebrations made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I think this book is perfect for the holidays.


Kellie Hailes has written a chicklit with a twist. ‘Christmas at the second chance chocolate shop’ is a bit different than most standard stories, which makes it more interesting. Cozy up by the fire and get a cup of hot chocolate and I know you’ll enjoy the story from start till finish.


Christmas at the second chance chocolate shop by Kellie Hailes
Published by HQ Digital
Genres: Chicklit
Pages: 200

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