The gift of anger – Arun Gandhi


Told through the author’s moving, often irreverent story of his years being raised at the iconic Sevagram ashram, Arun’s charming memories of his grandfather are an engaging and often surprising read. They reveal a rare insight into Gandhi the man behind the icon, but throughout are balanced with the inspirational lessons themselves. Arun believes that the violence in the world today makes Gandhi’s teachings more vital than ever, and The Gift of Anger places these lessons in a modern context, shedding new light on how Gandhi’s principles can – and must – be applied to today’s concerns.

My opinion

Arun Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, shares in his book ‘The gift of anger’ the lessons he’s learned form his grandfather. Those are mostly wisdoms that are easily appliable in your own life (like the emotion anger: you can surrender to that, or think about the why behind the emotion). Arun shares these wisdoms within personal stories about how his grandfather taught him these lessons.

Of course I know Mahatma Gandhi by name, but I didn’t know a whole lot about his life and the things he believed in. That he lived in the previous century is easily to read when it comes to that. The wisdoms Arun shares are sometimes not really applicable in the current time. But there are wisdoms (like being silent, putting away your phone and just surrender yourself to your thoughts or just doing something for someone else) that are easy to apply in your own life.


Mahatma Gandhi was a special person and I really think it’s good his wisdoms are still being shared. Everyone can take what they want from them. Because a better world truly starts with yourself.


Arun Gandhi shares wisdoms he’s learned from his grandfather, Mahatma Gandhi, combined with personal stories. A book truly for everyone.


The gift of anger by Arun Gandhi
Published by Penguin
Genres: Non fiction
Pages: 304
ISBN: 9780718187514

You can buy the book at Bookdepository.

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