On the edge of gone – Corinne Duyvis


January 29, 2035. That’s the day the comet is scheduled to hit–the big one. Denise and her mother and sister, Iris, have been assigned to a temporary shelter outside their hometown of Amsterdam to wait out the blast, but Iris is nowhere to be found and at the rate Denise’s drug-addicted mother is going, they’ll never reach the shelter in time.

A last-minute meeting leads them to something better than a temporary shelter–a generation ship, scheduled to leave Earth behind to colonize new worlds after the comet hits. But everyone on the ship has been chosen because of their usefulness. Denise is autistic and fears that she’ll never be allowed to stay. Can she obtain a spot before the ship takes flight? What about her mother and sister?

When the future of the human race is at stake, whose lives matter most?

My opinion

When I first read the description of ‘On the edge of gone’, I knew this book would be intruiging. Because Denise, the main character is authistic, makes it a special bok. ‘On the edge of gone’ is kind of dystopian and sci-fi but is also very realistic. It’s set in Amsterdam, which makes it so cool for me to read. That it’s mostly Amsterdam as we know it know, it’s easier to get into the story.

The combination of a kind of futuristic Amsterdam, which still is recognisable, with dilemmas you could have in the future makes for an interesting story. ‘On the edge of gone’ shows how the mind of an authistic person works, it shows how authistic people have a hard time getting used to new things. I found that so interesting to read. Together with tough life questiosn (how far will you go to save your own life, maybe in place of others?) makes that ‘On the edge of gone’ is something completely different than I’d expected.

Somehow I expected a kind of Hunger Games story, but this is so much better. It’s full with deep thoughts, it makes you think and there’s some kind of tension throughout the story that you wanna find out what happens to Denise.

I throroughly enjoyed the book from beginning till the end, although I did feel as if a lot happened in just a couple of days. That wasn’t necessary for me, but other than that, the story is so well put together.


‘On the edge of gone’ by Corinne Duyvis makes you think about life questions. It also gives in interesting insight in autism, but it’s also such a good story. Loved it from beginning till the end!


On the edge of gone by Corinne Duyvis
Published by Abrams
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 464
ISBN: 9781419719035

You can buy the book at Book Depository, here.

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