The amateurs – Sara Shepard (The amateurs #1)


Everyone’s dying to know the truth . . . When Aerin Kelly was eleven, she idolised her seventeen-year-old sister, Helena, and they did everything together. They made Claymation movies and posted them to YouTube. They made fun of Windmere-Carruthers, the private school they attended, they invented new flavours for their parents’ organic ice cream shop, and they dressed up their golden retriever, Buster. But when Helena went into senior year things started to change. Rather than being Aerin’s inseparable sister, she started to push her away. Then, on a snowy winter’s day, Helena vanished. Four years later, Helena’s body is found.

Wracked with grief and refusing to give up on her sister, Aerin spends months trying to figure out what exactly happened to Helena and who killed her. But the police have no leads. A young, familiar officer named Thomas wants to help and suggests she checks out a website called Case Not Closed. Hesitantly, she posts, and when teenagers Seneca and Maddox show up on her doorstep offering to help investigate she accepts in desperation. Both have suffered their own losses and also posted to the site with no luck, so they are hoping this case might be the one they crack. But as their investigation begins, it seems that maybe it’s no accident that they are all together, and that maybe the crimes have something – or someone – in common.

My opinion

The other week, right before my visit to the library, I watched a video from Little Book Owl. She mentioned ‘The amateurs’ and I can’t remember what she said about it, but I tried to remember the title as I thought it sounded interesting. And when I got to the library, this book was just in, so I decided to pick it up!

Sara Shepard is the writer of Pretty Little Liars, a serie which I’ve only seen season 1 of. But that sounded good enough to pick this book up. I was curious to start reading and find out if the book was as good as I hoped it would be.

And you know what it reminded me of? A mix of Goosebumps, Nancy Drew and the Babysittersclub. I thought it felt really young and that’s not necessary a good sign. Yes, the story reads so quickly but the main characters act so stupid and don’t really think about what they’re doing. That being said, I did wanted to find out what happened to Helena and I hoped to find that out before the book ended.

But yes, if you’ve seen PLL, you know Sara Shepard is the queen of prolonging stories so you won’t really find out. And then the ending! Really I wasn’t planning on reading the second book in the series (which hasn’t come out yet), but the ending makes me wanna find out how the story goes on. ‘The amateurs’ is such a story that makes me love and hate it, because overall I didn’t think it was an interesting story, but the ending was surprising and inviting enough to keep on reading.


The titel of ‘The amateurs’ by Sarah Shepard really says enough: it feels like an amateur group of detectives, the story isn’t really that interesting, but the ending makes you wanna pick up the next book in the series.


The amateurs by Sara Shepard
Series: The amateurs #1
Published by Hot key books
Genres: Detective
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781471405266

You can buy the book at Book Depository, here.

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