Carrie Pilby – Caren Lissner


Teen Genius (and Hermit) Carrre Pilby’s To-Do List:

1. List 10 things you love (and DO THEM! )
2. Join a club (and TALK TO PEOPLE! )
3. Go on a date (with someone you actually LIKE! )
4. Tell someone you care (your therapist DOESN’T COUNT! )
5. Celebrate New Year’s (with OTHER PEOPLE! )

Seriously? Carrie would rather stay in bed than deal with the immoral, sex-obsessed hypocrites who seem to overrun her hometown, New York City. She’s sick of trying to be like everybody else. She isn’t! But when her own therapist gives her a five-point plan to change her social-outcast status, Carrie takes a hard look at herself—and agrees to try. Suddenly the world doesn’t seem so bad. But is prodigy Carrie really going to dumb things down just to fit in? How far should a teen genius go to fit in?

My opinion

I thought ‘Carrie Pilby’ had more lists in the story, but the list above is the only list that features in the book. Carrie is somewhat authistic and very smart, she’s skipped a few classes and is 18 and already finished with uni.

Does that sound familiair? Yup, I thought so too, because I felt that Carrie looked a whole lot like Sheldon from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. When the story progresses, Carrie loosens up and she becomes more of a ‘normal’ girl, because she manages to cross off a lot of her list.

The story has some interesting bits, because although Carrie listens to her therapist, she does it in her own way, and that makes the story interesting. The rest of the story is quite predictable and it’s not a story that’ll stick very long.

That doesn’t mean it’s a boring story, not at all. I sat there reading this book with a smile on my face and it’s definitely an original point of view. I thought it was a nice in between book and that’s all good in my opinion.


‘Carrie Pilby’ by Caren Lissner is a nice in between book which will certainly make you smile. Nothing wrong with it, but it won’t leave a lasting impression.


Carrie Pilby by Caren Lissner
Published by Harlequin
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 330
ISBN: 9780373210107

You can buy the book at Book Depository, here.

One thought on “Carrie Pilby – Caren Lissner

  1. I read and loved this book when I was 17 and it instantly became one of my favorites, but I read it again at 28 and it meant so much to me on different levels. It’s a book that you’d want to curl up with and really digest and enjoy. As some others have said here, besides being funny, there are so many things in it that are true to life but you don’t hear people express them every day, so many things Carrie thinks that I have wanted to express but never could. Reading it, I felt better about myself and much less alone. I have been thinking often about her comment that you instantly conform to society if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, but if you are alone, you are made to feel out of the loop of so many experiences. There have been so many other things about society that I only realized getting into my twenties that make the book relatable on a new level.

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