How to find love in a bookshop – Veronica Henry


Nightingale Books, nestled on the high street in the idyllic Cotswold town of Peasebrook, is a dream come true for booklovers. But owner Emilia Nightingale is struggling to keep the shop open. The temptation to sell up is proving enormous – but what about the promise she made to her father? Not to mention the loyalty she owes to her customers. Sarah Basildon, owner of stately pile Peasebrook Manor, has used the book shop as an escape from all her problems in the past few years. But is there more to her visits than meets the eye? Since messing up his marriage, Jackson asks Emilia for advice on books to read to the son he misses so much. But Jackson has a secret, and is not all he seems…And there’s Thomasina, painfully shy, who runs a pop-up restaurant from her tiny cottage. She has a huge crush on a man she met and then lost in the cookery section, somewhere between Auguste Escoffier and Marco Pierre White. Can she find the courage to admit her true feelings?

My opinion

I started reading ‘How to find love in a bookshop’ when my nan just passed away. The passing of Emilia’s father was kind of a rough start of the book. Because I believed I was starting a nice novel, I had some doubts if I should continue reading the book. Luckily the book became tons more fun and I was glad I didn’t stop reading.

As a booklover I had high expectations of ‘How to find love in a bookshop’. It sounds like a book that I could easily fall in love with. But I still ended up having some doubts about the book and that’s a shame.

There are a lot of characters in the book and they all need time in the book. That makes that the story starts of quite slow as you have to get to know almost the whole village. For me that could’ve edited a bit, because you’re almost at the end of the book before the plot is revealed.

That also makes that the plot felt a little rushed because Veronica Henry has spend so much time on building up the story. The characters were well build up, and you get to know them quite well and the story has some original bits that I didn’t see coming.


‘How to find love in a bookshop’ is a nice novel with original bits. It takes a while before you’ll get into the story and the ending may feel a bit rushed, but I did enjoy the book from start to finish.


How to find love in a bookshop by Veronica Henry
Published by Orion Publishing Co
Genres: Novel
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9781409146889

You can order the book at Book Depository, here.

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