The gate of angels – Penelope Fitzgerald


It is 1912, and at Cambridge University the modern age is knocking at the gate. Fred Fairly, a Junior Fellow at the college of St Angelicus, where for centuries no female, not even a pussy cat, has been allowed to set foot, lectures in physics. Science, he is certain, will explain everything. Until into Fred’s orderly life come Daisy. Fred is smitten. Why have I met her? he wonders. How can I tell if she’s quite what she seems? Fred is a scientist. To him the truth should be everything. But even scientists make mistakes.

My opinion

‘The gate of angels’ by Penelope Fitzgerald has recently been published in Holland. Penelope Fitzgerald is a writer I’ve heard a lot about.

The story of ‘The gate of angels’ is mostly about Fred and Daisy which makes the story quite small. It’s been written in a special way and the chapters aren’t necessarily chronologically set. That doesn’t make for a relaxing read, sometimes you really have to pay attention whilst reading. Penelope Fitzgerald has a unique writing style and ‘The gate of angels’ is a very unique book. It’s certainly not a book that’s for everyone, but I really enjoyed it.


‘The gat of angels’ is a unique book, feeling very oldfashioned. It’s a story which isn’t for everyone. I thought it was a novel which isn’t standard, with sometimes odd characaters whom you can’t always place in the story. I can’t properly explain why, but I thoroughly enjoyed the book.


The gate of angels by Penelope Fitzgerald
Published by HarperCollins Publishers
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 176
ISBN: 9780006543602

You can buy the book at Book Depository, here.

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