In a dark dark wood – Ruth Ware


Nora hasn’t seen Clare for ten years. Not since the day Nora walked out of her old life and never looked back. Until, out of the blue, an invitation to Clare’s hen party arrives. A weekend in a remote cottage – the perfect opportunity for Nora to reconnect with her best friend, to put the past behind her. But something goes wrong. Very wrong. And as secrets and lies unravel, out in the dark, dark wood the past will finally catch up with Nora.

My opinion

I always try to switch genres. After I’ve read a novel or young adult, I almost always read a thriller. ‘In a dark dark wood’ had been on my wishlist for a while, only because of that amazing title. It sounds like a brilliant thriller to me.

Clare’s bachelorette party takes place in a glass house in the middle of the a dark dark wood, this is an amazing setting for a thriller. Despite that, I didn’t feel like it was so gripping all the time. I didn’t see the ending coming, and there were some scary moments in the books, but for me Ruth Ware could’ve used the amazing setting more. A chase through the woods is totally missing from this book, which is what I’d imagined when I saw the title of the book.

Despite that, ‘In a dark dark wood’ is a great thriller which you won’t be able to put down. Ruth Ware starts the book off with a scene which only makes you more and more curious. You want to know how it ends and that is what she does fabulously throughout the book. She reveals little bits and pieces of the story but switching between past and present.


I really enjoyed ‘In a dark dark wood’ by Ruth Ware. I also think that she could’ve used the scary setting a little bit more, but in the end, it’s a great thriller.


In a dark dark wood by Ruth Ware
Published by Vintage Publishing
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780099598244

You can order the book at Book Depository here.

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