Evergreen Falls – Kimberley Freeman


It’s 1926 and Violet Armstrong is a waitress at the grand Evergreen Spa Hotel, where Australia’s glitterati are spending a winter vacation. Among the guests who remain are Sam and Flora Honeychurch-Blacks, a wealthy brother and sister ensconced in the hotel for an extended stay. Violet and Sam have an attraction that is as passionate as it is forbidden as the hotel closes down for the winter season. When a snowstorm moves in, trapping them all, no one could have imagined what would unfold. The group must let their secrets be buried by the snow, but all snow melts, exposing the truth beneath. Eighty-eight years later, Lauren Beck takes a job at a cafe in the Blue Mountains, built as the first stage of the Evergreen Spa Hotel s return to grandeur. There she meets Tomas, the Danish architect overseeing the project. As their budding relationship grows, Lauren discovers a series of passionate love letters dating back to 1926 that allude to a whirlwind affair and a tragic secret. Lauren begins to unravel this long-forgotten mystery, but will discovering the truth finally make her brave enough to take a risk that could change her entire life?

My opinion

When I read the summary of ‘Evergreen Falls’ by Kimberley Freeman, I thought I would like it. When I read the first chapter, I knew it: this was totally a book for me. I thoroughly enjoy gripping and somewhat gross thrillers, but I also love these kinds of novels. In ‘Evergreen Falls’ you’ll get to find out the story about Violet and Sam together with Lauren, but you also get to know Lauren.

And believe me, that combination: the story that is set in two different time periods and the romance and intruige in the book makes you want to read on. If you love history and research just like Lauren, you’ll love ‘Evergreen falls’.

Kimberley Freeman reveales enough to make you curious but not so little that it’ll irritate you. She also has such a way of writing that you immediately picture the hotel and its surroundings whilst reading the book.

I was rooting for Violet and Lauren and hoped it would all end well for both ladies. If that’s the case and how their lives continue on, you’ll have to read for yourself. I have fallen in love with this book.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Evergreen Falls’ by Kimberley Freeman. The book is filled with romance, intruige and even some suspense to keep you curious. You will love this book if you love history.


Evergreen Falls by Kimberley Freeman
Published by Touchstone Books
Genres: Novel
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9781476799902

You can order the book at Book Depository here.

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