You and me, always – Jill Mansell


Lily’s always been surrounded by love. Ever since her mother died, she’s been cared for by friends who are as close as any family. Coral, her mum’s best friend; Patsy, her old babysitter – and even Dan, Patsy’s incorrigible younger brother – have always been there for her. But when she chance comes to meet the man who was the love of her mother’s life, Lily knows she has to take it. Getting to know him could change everything, and not just for Lily…

My opinion

I haven’t read many books by Jill Mansell and after I’d finished ‘You and me, always’, I really wondered why. I love love love British chicklits and Jill Mansell is one of the best writers in that genre. Luckily for me I won this book and when I received the Dutch version of this book, I fell in love with the cover (although the version pictured looks cute too!). I just hoped I would love the inside as much as I loved the outside of the book.

Thank goodness I did. Jill Mansell has a lovely style of writing, she slowly introduces the main characters and you get to know them. The introduction doesn’t feel boring or uncomfortable in any way. She also describes the surroundings beautifully, it feels like you’re coming home and have lived there for ages. This is so nice whilst you’re reading. And hey, that the book is set on the British countryside is just a plus for me!

I really felt ‘You and me, always’ was more of a novel than a chicklit at most, because it’s filled with intruige. You really want to find out more about Lily’s mum and the romance in the book doesn’t play a really huge part in the book. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘You and me, always’ and I’ll definitely read more by Jill Mansell.


‘You and me, always’ by Jill Mansell really is a lovely book which is set on the British countryside. Romance and some intruige are addded and combine that with a lovely writing style and nice build-up of the story and you’ll get a great book!


You and me, always by Jill Mansell
Published by Headline Publishing Group
Genres: Chicklit
Pages: 416
ISBN: 9781472208873

You can buy the book at Book Depository here.

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