The last four days of Paddy Buckley – Jeremy Massey

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A dark and unexpected novel about a Dublin undertaker who finds himself on the wrong side of the Irish mob. Paddy Buckley is a grieving widower who has worked for years for Gallagher’s, a long-established—some say the best—funeral home in Dublin. One night driving home after an unexpected encounter with a client, Paddy hits a pedestrian crossing the street. He pulls over and gets out of his car, intending to do the right thing. As he bends over to help the man, he recognizes him. It’s Donal Cullen, brother of one of the most notorious mobsters in Dublin. And he’s dead. Shocked and scared, Paddy jumps back in his car and drives away before anyone notices what’s happened. The next morning, the Cullen family calls Gallagher’s to oversee the funeral arrangements. Paddy, to his dismay, is given the task of meeting with the grieving Vincent Cullen, Dublin’s crime boss, and Cullen’s entourage. When events go awry, Paddy is plunged into an unexpected eddy of intrigue, deceit, and treachery.

My opinion

This book. My oh my where to begin. The fact that it has a sticker which says ‘For the fans of the Sopranos’. The fact that the one of the main families is called Cullen. The fact that the book has no vampires in it, didn’t really matter to me. Those were two reasons for me to want to read this book.

‘The last four days of Paddy Buckley’ is so well designed. The coffin on the front cover and the days in the book that are surrounded by a mourning-border is just absolutely well-thought of. But than the story itself. It’s a bit of a dark humor that goes through the whole story. You keep on wondering how Paddy gets stuck in the situaties he gets in to. It’s not a book that will keep you laughing out loud, but I’m sure there will be a smile on your face throughout the book.

It’s an intriguing story, mainly because of the whole ordeal with the Cullens, you expect a certain ending. If that ending is true, you’ll just have to read for yourself. I thought the ending was brilliant and fitted well with the whole story. I loved it.

There are moments in the book where you’ll end up having an OMG-face, moments which will make you teary-eyed and there are a lot of absolutely fantastic moments. You should definitely read this book. YES. Now I know. The book reminds me of the tv-series ‘Six Feet Under’. If you loved that, this will be a perfect book for you. Dark humor with a touch of moral lessons.


It’s not an hilarious book, but just a really well thought out book, original and beautifully designed. I love it. If you loved the Sopranos and Six Feet under, this is the book for you.


The last four days of Paddy Buckley by Jeremy Massey
Published by Hudson Street Press
Genres: Thriller
Pages: 292
ISBN: 9781594634857

You can buy the book at Book Depository.

I received this book in exchange for a review. If you want to read more about this, read my disclaimer.

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