All the bright places – Jennifer Niven

all the bright places

Theodore Finch is fascinated by death, and he constantly thinks of ways he might kill himself. But each time, something good, no matter how small, stops him.

Violet Markey lives for the future, counting the days until graduation, when she can escape her Indiana town and her aching grief in the wake of her sister’s recent death.

When Finch and Violet meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, it’s unclear who saves whom. And when they pair up on a project to discover the ‘natural wonders’ of their state, both Finch and Violet make more important discoveries: It’s only with Violet that Finch can be himself – a weird, funny, live-out-loud guy who’s not such a freak after all. And it’s only with Finch that Violet can forget to count away the days and start living them. But as Violet’s world grows, Finch’s begins to shrink.

My opinion

This book. Oh dear. When I saw the cover, I immediately knew I had to read this book and I didn’t regret it for a second. Well, almost.

The quote ‘You are all the colors in one, at full brightness’ is so beautiful and shows the style of writing Jennifer Niven has. It’s Young Adult, but when sentences like this in ‘All the bright places’, it’s almost literature, so wonderful. Jennifer Niven has really researched the feelings and moods when it comes to depression and that’s one of the main reasons why I love this book so much.

The end in the book is really intense and really nothing like the ‘And they lived happily ever after’ we all know so well. But that really wouldn’t fit this book. I’m very pleased Jennifer Niven didn’t go there, because the story would pretty much such if she did.

The love between Violet and Theodore is heartbreaking at times and the last few chapters I had tears streaming down my face. The story reminded me of ‘The fault in our stars’, the whole vibe was the same, but in all honesty, I loved this book even more. Cancer and depression are subjects that are often avoided in books, but they are part of life and that’s why I think it’s important these books are read. It’s certainly going to help young adults (but also adults!) to take that first step and look for help.


‘All the bright places’ is a beautiful book. Truly. Despite that fact that you’ll read the book feeling ominous, it’s oppressive and heartbreaking and you’ll at least wipe away a tear (or if you’re like me you’ll cry your eyes out), it’s worth it. It’s absolutely worth it. Enjoy the beautiful quotes and the love between Theodore and Violet. Enjoy. And pass it on.


All the bright places by Jennifer Niven
Published by Penguin
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 400
ISBN: 9780141357034

You can buy the book at Book Depository.

I received this book in exchange for a review. If you want to read more about this, read my disclaimer.

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